Dragon City Game: Know More About This Amazing Title

In the magical world of Dragon City, you will build a dragon utopia of your own. As a dragon master, you are tasked to collect dragon eggs, hatch, raise, and breed. You also get to train them to be the best and compete in the tourney to show your skills against other players and their dragons.

Now, a kingdom filled with hundreds of dragons won’t fit in the tiny screen of your phone. If you want to enjoy a whole new experience and look over your dragon kingdom from a larger perspective, then download Dragon City on your PC now for free. Turn your PC into a magical box filled with dragons!




Why Play Dragon City on your PC?

Aside from a much bigger view, you will get to experience easier gameplay with the custom key mapping tool and the mouse that offers ease of play. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your phone heating up while playing for hours. Not to mention, charging your phone when it dies just after spending short hours of playing. Add to that, you can now play without the annoying message pop-ups or the calls that will intervene in your gameplay. Ultimately, there are a lot of conveniences that playing on PC offers. Make sure not to miss out on that!

Dragon City PC is a massive game that offers full HD colorful and vibrant graphics. It’s a shame that you will only get to experience it in your phone. Download the game on your PC now!