How to Play Dragon City Game – Breed, Hatch, Train, Evolve Fighting Dragons

Playing Dragon City is easy, but becoming one of the best Dragon Masters will be challenging. Are you ready to take on the game and start training dragons? Will you be the one to beat the rest of the Dragon Masters in the world?

Breeding & Hatching Dragons

The game mechanics are easy—breed, train, build, and battle. If you want to add dragons in your dragon book, you need to breed or hatch an egg that you bought. When breeding, head to the Breeding Mountain. Select two dragons on your list and just wait for an egg to pop up. It’ll be added to the Hatchery and you will just have to wait sometime for it to start hatching. Keep in mind that when breeding dragons, you can combine dragons of different elements like Fire, Nature, War, Legend, and others to produce a rare hybrid to expand your collection.

Evolving Dragons

Your dragons don’t come strong and powerful right off the bat. They need to be trained and fed to evolve. Remember, evolving dragons is necessary as this helps them power up and produce more gold revenue for you.

Each dragon has three different levels of evolution—Baby Dragon, Adolescent Dragon, and Adult Dragon, which is at Level 7. Some dragons can be quite picky as they will require specific types of food from the farm, so take note of that.


Dragon City Game Habitat


Build Habitats for Dragons

Once you start having multiple dragons on hand, you will be required to build habitats for them. There are also other buildables in Dragon City PC that are necessary for the growth of your kingdom and dragons such as food farms, breeding mountains or trees, hatchery, and training stadium.

Training Dragons

Whenever your dragons are evolved, you will need to train them and start taking on challenges from other dragon masters around the world. Once you have built the stadium, you will be able to join PVP challenges and tournaments. Besides that, you can also team up with other Dragon Masters in Alliances to participate in Alliance events.

Now that you know the ropes of the game, you can now start collecting dragons and build your own dragon kingdom on a floating island. Start building farms, habitats, buildings, and breed the finest dragons. Evolve into your own fighting beasts!

How to Download Dragon City on PC

If you want to download Dragon City on your PC, of course, we’re here to help. Downloading the game is pretty simple. Click on the PLAY FOR FREE button to start your download. Once that is done, you can now click on it to run the program and install the client. It will only take a few minutes so don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.

Once the installation is complete, a shortcut of the game client will be added on your desktop, so all you need to do is to click on that to start the game. With the client that you’ve just downloaded, you now have access to hundreds of unblocked games on PC.