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Dragon City – How to Become a Dragon Master in the Game

If you’re into dragons, then you will enjoy playing this fun and exciting game. It’s called Dragon City, and it’s a game that’s published by Social Point. It’s a simulation strategy game where you will play the role of a wannabe dragon master. In this game, your goal is to collect and breed various fire-breathing dragons and then train them to become powerful creatures.

You then use these powerful dragons to battle other dragons and aim to be the Dragon Master. Achieving that goal, though, is not going to be as easy as it sounds. There are many things that you will have to learn about this game that can make the journey to being a Dragon Master a challenging one. But the trip will be worth it, especially once you see yourself among the top Dragon Masters in the game.

Fortunately, the journey may not be as challenging as you think, as there are ways to make it a bit easier. There are some tips and guides available that will make the journey to being a Dragon Master in Dragon City more manageable. And this is what this article will be discussing.


Dragon City


Buy and Sell Farm to Quickly Gain Experience

If you want to level up quicker in Dragon City, try buying and selling farms. Every time you buy a farm, it will give you 100 experience points. So doing this as often as possible can result in you leveling up much quicker. The cost of a farm is 100 gold, and you get 50 gold back for selling it. So 100 experience points will cost 50 gold, which is not a bad trade, considering gold is relatively easy to acquire.

Get to Know the Different Buildings You Can Construct

The first order of business is getting to know the different buildings you can construct in the game. Each structure will have an objective that can benefit your dragons’ development and your quest to become a Dragon Master. The most important one, especially during the beginning, will be the farm. This place is where you can grow food to feed your dragon, increasing their level. You will likely need several farms to produce vast amounts of food to level up your dragons quickly.

Your dragon’s habitat is also essential since you will need it so your dragon will have a place to rest. It is important to remember, though, that you shouldn’t just build a habitat outright. You need to assess first what kind of dragon you will need or mostly focusing on as each one will require a different habitat. It would be best if you also tried clearing the land of other objects like trees, bushes, and stones. Following this rule is essential as you will need the space to expand your lair and build more structures.


Structures in Dragon CIty


Be Aware of the Different Dragon Elements

Another tip is that you should be aware of each element that a dragon will belong to. The game has nine basic features, Flame, Ice, Nature, Terra, Sea, Electric, Dark, Metal, and Light. There are also three special elements like Pure, War, Legend, Primal, and Pure. You can get these unique elements once you have bred rare dragons and use them for breeding these unique element dragons.

All dragons will belong to at least 1 of these elements. Of course, there will be hybrid dragons that will belong under two or more elements (up to 4). Being aware of this is essential, as this will help you immensely during battle. Take note that each component will be strong and weak against certain elements.

For example, the Terra element (Earth) is weak against Metal and War but strong against Dark and Electric. The Flame element is strong against Ice and Nature but weak against Sea and War. Knowing the elemental strengths and weaknesses can be a big help when you’re constructing your team to battle an opponent.

You will see before the battle what kind of dragons your opponent has, allowing you to counter it properly. Knowing the elements will be critical on your journey to being a Dragon Master.

Experiment with Breeding and Constructing Dragon Teams

After learning about the different elements, don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to breeding dragons. Doing this is one of the best ways to acquire rare dragons to add to your collection. You should also test when it comes to constructing your dragon teams.

The key is to be as balanced as possible, so your team can deal with various other groups. Having the main dragon team is essential. This idea will allow you to focus most of your resources on training and developing them.

Trying to train and develop different dragons is just a waste of time and resources. This method might provide you with many other dragons to use in various situations. It also means you won’t have a reliable team of dragons you can use for most of the battle.


Money and Gems in Dragon City


Don’t Waste Gems

The game has two resources available, gold and gems. Gold is usually earned after winning battles and over time through the habitats. Each habitat will produce gold, and they will have a varying capacity and production speed. Gold is used for constructing most buildings, as well as making food. On the other hand, gems are the game’s premium currency, and earning them is not that easy.

However, using them this way is a waste of gems, as it’s better to use them in constructing notable buildings or unlocking special items. You can acquire them whenever you level up or through completing daily bonuses. Participating in promotions, events, and surveys can also reward you with gems.

Inviting friends to play the game is another way to earn gems easily. Well, if they don’t know the game mechanics, here’s some how to play guide to save you and your friends!  Participating in tournaments or holding tournaments on your Dragon Stadium can also earn you gems.

The other way to get them is by spending real money. So, make sure these gems are properly paid for. Download and play Dragon City on your PC now for free! Enjoy collecting and breeding more dragons in your city!