Dragon City & It’s Limitless Content

Dragon City remains one of the most popular free to play games for people who enjoy taking care of virtual pets and managing their city. It may seem like an obscure game for hardcore gamers, but for the mainstream demographic, Dragon City is a sight to behold.

Take the fun from collecting Pokemon along with building your empire in SimCity, and you have this game. With over 1000 dragons to own, large scale PvE and PvP battles, dragon customizations and upgrades and guild participation, Dragon City will keep you hooked forever. Let’s talk about the features and why people love the game so much.


Dragon City Community


Population Count: 10 Million+

You would be surprised at how many people log in to the game daily and grow their cities. While it may not be the most strategic game, Dragon City goes toe to toe with Clash of Clans and Boom Beach as one of the most populated portable games today. It has a daily population count of 7 million and more (on average), and the numbers have never gotten down since its release.

This part is all thanks to the content the game brings: from the presentation to the gameplay itself. A lot of players have invested their time here, which is why so many chose to stay too. That also means you would never run out of guilds and parties to join in. Don’t be surprised if you get matchmade with a player in less than 5 seconds. It’s THAT active, yes.

Collect Them All

Perhaps the most popular portion of Dragon City is in the collection. Within the game, you can earn 1000 and more dragons. Yes, you heard that right, 1000 of them. It makes Azur Lane, Granblue Fantasy and Fate Grand Order’s roster seem like matches in a box. However, collecting them is done through a gacha system where you will need to do random loot box openings.


Dragonbook Game


It’s never guaranteed that you will get the dragon you want in just one pull. You will need to rely on good old RNGesus if you’re going to earn the sweet 5-star dragon you’ve always wanted. We also advise that you stick with F2P tactics of earning the eggs in the game. Dragon City gives you plentiful rewards anyway to have a bunch of eggs in just a week of playing. Paying for the eggs would be plain whaling because all 1000 dragons in the game are viable to use anyway.

Micromanaging a City

If you do not realize it by now, Dragon City revolves around, well, a city of dragons. You are also the acting “mayor” of this city where you establish buildings for the betterment of these flying reptiles along with a place to stay for dragon masters from other worlds.

The micromanagement is not anything out of the ordinary, and there are no finances to worry about to improve it. The only time you worry about your resource is the amount you spend it on the dragons you’ve invested time on.


Dragon City Area Location


Exploring in PvE

Most of the time, you must enter missions that require your dragon’s skills. These mostly include eliminating hostiles. The levelling system in the game is dependent upon the dragons which are in these missions. In other words, The more you use a dragon in PvE, the more it levels up. This point depends entirely up to you on which dragon is the best for the mission. But don’t expect it to get paid to win since all the dragons are reliable for PvE purposes anyway.

Clashing in PvP

Of course, the most active area in the game is the PvP. You can duel with a real player at any time with the dragons at your disposal. However, don’t expect things to be quite fair around here. You are mostly going to get matchmade with whales who have spent real money on their dragons so they can be in the top leaderboards of Dragon City.

If all these sound amazing and interesting to you, we recommend that you discover more on how to play the game for free on your PC! Download and play it now with friends! Get it here today.