Dragon City Element Chart – Discover the Best Dragons that Fits Your Battles

Collecting a massive group of dragons in Dragon City gives loads of fun except when going into a PvP battle with the wrong dragon, which is seriously not fun. Whenever we play a game, especially in battles, we used to think that once we got the strongest one, we would surely win. Unfortunately, this perspective doesn’t work with Dragon City.

If you want to cleverly win your battles in Dragon City, it is best to check out the Dragon City Element Chart first to see which dragon fits your battle. To help you with that, here’s a short guide that can help you understand the winning combination in defeating your opponents even without the help of stronger dragons.

Understanding the Battle Chart & Dragon City Element Weaknesses

Like in other games, Dragon City also offers a variety of dragons you can use in your battles. Each dragon has their own advantages in battles, or strengths as well as weaknesses. Once you learn these strengths and weaknesses, choosing your dragon will be easier.

Upon looking at the Dragon City Element Chart, you will at first feel quite confused about what these circles and emblems are all about. But, once you get to know the meanings of the symbols, everything will be easier. In Dragon City, dragons are set to be strong against two elements, weak against other elements, and give out no damage against their own element.

When we say strong, it means the dragon deals double damage while the weak only deals half of their regular damage in giving attacks. With that said, you need to choose a dragon that dispenses double damage rather than a dragon that sets out half damage only.

Keep in mind that once you’re against a dragon that bears an element that you are weak against, it is obvious that your opponent’s dragon has an advantage against you. It means that you will get double damage, while your enemy only got half damage.

To further explain this, let’s say you choose a fire element dragon, and you’re battling against a water element dragon. If you check the Dragon City Element Chart, you will only deal half damage to the water element dragon while your enemy will strike you with twice damage. So, you need to choose a dragon that deals double damage enough to beat your enemy.

Hence, it is always an efficient idea to check the Dragon City Element Chart from time to time. To make choosing dragons easier, here is a useful guide in choosing a winning combination of dragons that can top your battle without looking at the chart.

Choosing the Best Dragons For Your Battle

As discussed above, the Dragon City Element Chart is an efficient way in discovering the perfect combination of battle dragons. But here, we will dig in and find an easier way to find the best dragons by using an easy step-by-step guide.

Dragon City Attacking Element


Counter Your Opponent’s Attacking Elements

Let’s say our opponent is deploying Ruby, Joseon, and Scientific Dragons. By using the element chart, you need to counter elements such as fire, terra, water, metal, electric and pure. But, it is impossible to counter all these elements, so you need to trim down the list and focus on the relevant ones which are fire, terra, and metal or lightning.

To come up with the focus elements, you need to assess the enemy’s dragons and see at what element they share most of the time. For example, Ruby and Joseon Dragons share an element of fire, while Joseon and Scientific have the same element of terra. You need to be more strategic and find out which elements you need to counter.

Again, by using the elements chart in the game, you will end up looking for dragons that bear elements of water, dark, light, and war. Upon filtering the elements to find the suitable dragon you will be able to set the best team against your opponents. To test your choices, you can use the “swap dragon” option located beneath the screen. It is an added function to see if your choice is enough to defeat the active dragon you are dealing with.

Always Analyze Your Opponent’s Dragon Elements

Choosing the best combination with your battles is extremely important. Keep in mind that you need to take an in-depth analysis with your rival’s elements. That’s for you to specify which dragon can dispense double damage against your opponent while dealing half damage only.

So, that’s it! Hope that you fully understand why the Dragon City Element Chart is extremely important in choosing your dragons in every battle. Remember: Do not settle for strong ones, as this strategy does not work in Dragon City gameplay. It is still best to use the element chart in finding the right dragon for your battles. For more information and updates about Dragon City, stay in the loop!