Basic Gold & Gem Tips You Should Know in Dragon City Game

Dragon City Gem and Gold

Is it your first time playing Dragon City? Well, before you start playing, you might want to check out the basic tips and tricks to manage your resources better and use them efficiently.

Tip #1

Whenever you are done playing the game for the day, always check on your dragons’ habitats and collect all remaining golds so they won’t pile up.

Tip #2

Most of the time, you will forget to collect golds in the dragons’ habitats. To avoid them from piling up, you can opt to place low revenue dragons in habitats that can only hold a small amount of gold. That way, you will only lose less gold when the habitats are filled up.

Tip #3

You can place your dragons in different habitats. The habitats that are available in the game focus on different elements though. Make sure to align a certain elemental dragon with similar elemental crystals to generate more gold.

Tip #4

Order the most amount of food from big farms if you can’t play the game for long hours. This will allow you to generate the maximum amount of crops to feed your dragons once you get back in the game.



Tip #5

In this next tip, you won’t have to buy gems with real money. Instead, you can earn them for free. Always check missions available or perform tournaments in the stadium, and you will receive a gem as a reward once you participate.

While you’re at it, make sure you keep leveling up and complete a collection in the Dragon Book because those will reward you with a sum of gems. Other than that, there are in-game tasks like surveys that will also give you gems when completed.

Tip #6

Think of spending your gems to speed up wait time? DON’T! Gems are rare and hard to come by. Never use them unless it’s necessary. For example, you can use them to purchase new expansions of land, upgrade the dragon hatchery, and purchase the Ultra Breeding Tree.

Tip #7

The easiest way to earn gems is just by logging in daily. Busy? That’s okay, it isn’t necessary to play daily. Just log in to the game and collect your gem from the daily rewards. That’s it. You can now close the game and go on your merry way.

Tip #8

Speaking of logging in, make sure not to miss out on the Monday rewards. It’s something to look forward to every Monday morning. There will be a reward waiting for you. Mostly, they are random gifts — the chances of getting gems from these gifts are quite high.

Ready to take these tips into practice? Head over to Dragon City download and start your leveling up your Gold and Gem game!