Tips to Breed Powerful Dragons in Dragon City Game

Dragon City Breeding


Breeding dragons is one of the essences of playing Dragon City. However, you can only breed dragons when you have three elemental dragons that reached level 4. With these three basic dragons at hand, you can start producing hybrids of your own. So, if you want to become a Dragon Master, make sure to read on below. 

Breeding a Terra Dragon

Here are the dragons you can possibly get if you breed a Terra Dragon with other types.

Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or Volcano
Terra + Nature = Tropical or Cactus
Terra + Sea = Mud or Waterfall
Terra + Electric = Star or Chameleon
Terra + Ice = Alpine or SnowFlake
Terra + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom

Breeding a Flame Dragon

Now, let’s look into the Flame Dragons possible hybrid.

Flame + Terra = Flaming Rock or Volcano
Flame + Sea = Cloud or Blizzard
Flame + Nature = Firebird or Spicy
Flame + Electric = Laser or Hot Metal
Flame + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk
Flame + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire

Breeding a Sea Dragon

Next is the Sea Dragon hybrids that you can collect.

Sea + Terra = Mud or Waterfall
Sea + Flame = Cloud or Blizzard.
Sea + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream
Sea + Metal = Mercury or Seashell
Sea + Dark = Pirate or Petroleum

Breeding a Nature Dragon

Breeding Nature Dragon can get you the following hybrids.

Nature + Terra = Tropical or Cactus
Nature + Flame = Firebird or Spicy
Nature + Sea = Nenufar or Coral or Seahorse (Level 10)
Nature + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Nature + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly

Breeding an Electric Dragon

Here’s the list of Electric Dragon hybrids.

Electric + Terra = Star or Chameleon
Electric + Flame = Laser or Hot Metal
Electric + Metal = Gold Or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon

Breeding an Ice Dragon

And the Ice Dragon produces hybrids like:


Ice + Terra = Alpine or SnowFlake
Ice + Sea = Icecube or Ice Cream
Ice + Nature = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Dark = Penguin
Ice + Metal = Platinum or Pearl

Breeding a Metal Dragon

Here’s the list of Metal Dragon hybrids.

Metal + Flame = Medieval or Steampunk
Metal + Sea = Mercury or Seashell
Metal + Ice = Platinum or Pearl
Metal + Nature = Jade or Dragonfly
Metal + Electric = Gold Or Battery.
Metal + Dark = Zombie

Breeding a Dark Dragon

Lastly, the hybrids of Dark Dragon are:

Dark + Terra = Hedgehog or Venom
Dark + Flame = Vampire or Dark Fire
Dark + Sea = Pirate or Petroleum
Dark + Electric = Neon
Dark + Ice = Penguin
Dark + Metal = Zombie

Breeding a Rare Dragon

Aside from these common dragons, you can also have Rare Dragon hybrid types. Here’s a list of its breeding combinations.

Fire + Star = Gummy
Medieval + Alpine = Armadillo or Cool or Soccer
Red Woods + Petroleum = Leviathan
Photon + Rattlesnake = Fallen Angel

Producing a Legendary Dragon

You can get Legendary Dragons by breeding some Pure and Pure Hybrid Dragons. When you breed any of these to the same kind or type—Pure Legendary, Pure Electric, Pure Ice, Pure Sea, Pure Metal, Pure Flame, Pure Terra, and Pure Dark—you’ll get a chance to get any of the following: Legendary, Wind, Droconos, Crystal, Mirror, and Nirobi. These dragons are very powerful and can be a huge help in your PVP battles.

Producing a Pure Dragon

How to get Pure Dragons? Simply breed Pure breed dragon + Any type of Elemental Dragon.

Breeding a Light Dragon

Here’s another set of Dragons that you can combine to the basic types; the Archangel. They will produce Light Dragon hybrids.

Archangel + Terra = Justice
Archangel + Flame = Sun
Archangel + Sea = Luminsicent
Archangel + Nature = Gaia
Archangel + Electric = Photon
Archangel + Ice = Cold Star
Archangel + Metal = Rainbow
Archangel + War = Elfic

Breeding a War Dragon

And the War Dragons, combined with basic types will produce hybrids of:

War + Terra = Colossal
War + Flame = Juggernaut
War + Nature = Red Woods
War + Electric = Tesla
War + Ice = Nightwind
War + Metal = Panzer
War + Dark = Dark Stone
War + Light = Elfic

Now that you have an idea of the basic breeding combinations, get your Dragon City free download for PC now and start breeding now!